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Purchase either a Ceragem-C-CLassic or Ceragem-RH-Luxury model, then choose one of the following options:

Option 1: Free Cerapad (DC)*

Option 2: Pay extra $100 and get a Free CeraPad (DC)* and Goodle Maxipad Pad

*Cerapad DC: must be plugged into a Ceragem Bed before it can be used.


    Cerapad DC Far Infrared Massager
    Cerapad user demonstration

CeraPad is a flexible, thermal pad that is used as an accessory to the Ceragem Automatic Thermal Massager which incorporates both jade and ceramic pebbles to emit and maintain an optimal level of Radiant Far Infrared Heat. The flexibility of the CeraPad provides the user a comprehensive application to the contours of your body.

  • Body connector
  • Antibacterial gauze
  • Jade ball / yellow earth ball (ceramic)


    • Comfort and convenience 
    • Relaxing far infrared heat 
    • EMF filtration 
    • Very easy to use!

To Order Call: (602) 993-0461

Goodle Maxipad

Portable with remote control! 
Enjoy Goodle anywhere, anytime! 
You can use without thermal bed and just connect to the wall power!

Ceragem Goodle Maxipad

Goodle Maxipad has 12 large jade stones and 100,000 ceramic beads that performs to hold maintain threapeutic heat. Portability, take it everywhere you go—the office, the home, even on business trips and vacation! Plug it directly into any wall outlet. Put it in a chair, sit-back, relax on it to relieve a sore stiff back. Use it for hips and legs while sitting near a computer or relaxing watching TV. Lay it over or around tired sore legs while sitting and reading.


  • Adjustable heat
  • Includes carry bag
  • 36 in. long by 16in wide
  • One year warranty
To Order Call: (602) 993-0461